Now accepting new auditions for TAPjr and TAP-n-Training

TAP is now auditioning for its 2021 - 2022 season! We're thrilled to welcome new members to our wonderful TAP family to help us better our community one performance at a time!

We are looking for students with a passion for singing and dancing, who are able to commit weekend time to rehearsals and performances. At this time, we are seeking members for our two performance groups: 


TAP-N-Training (grades 5 and 6): an introductory season for TAP's youngest members.

TAP Jr. (grades 6 - 9)

As a member of TAP, regular rehearsals are Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm. All groups rehearse at The Bender JCC in Rockville, MD. We generally adhere to the Montgomery County Public Schools calendar for winter break, spring break, and holidays.

Audition Requirements:

At this time, we are currently accepting video auditions! Anyone auditioning for TAP ensembles will compile the following materials and submit them to our Artistic Director, Kaya Harrison at

Audition Materials:

Complete video audition submissions will include the following materials:

1) Introduction Video: We want to know you! Please submit a video stating your name, age, grade, school, and the ensemble you are auditioning for. Then, tell us about your performance experience. Have you taken voice lessons, dance lessons, participated in musicals or musical theater programs? If so, what studios have you attended and who are/were your instructors? Finally, we want to know why you are interested in TAP. What has drawn you to us and our mission?

2) Choreography Video: Please submit a brief 30 sec. combination of any dance genre or a video from a dance class/performance that would allow our team to evaluate your movement. Note: Please make sure your entire body is visible in the frame. ​


3) Vocal Video: Please prepare to sing up to 32 bars of both a ballad AND an uptempo song of your choice. Musical theater songs are preferable, but are not required. Please record yourself performing your songs of choice and submit your video. Note: Please make sure your entire body is visible in the frame. 


4) TAP Audition Form: Finally, please be sure to include a completed TAP Audition Form with your video audition submission. The TAP audition form gives us a little more information about you and your reasons for choosing TAP! Your audition form can be found here!


When you've collected all of these materials, your video audition is complete and you can email them to Artistic Director, Kaya Harrison at​

View our downloadable information sheet for more information about our history and program.

"You should audition for TAP because it's so much fun and a really good way to use your love for music and dance to benefit the community as a whole."

— Anna, TAP Sr. Class of '25

"You should audition for TAP because you get to do what you love while also serving the community, which is honestly the best feeling."

— Sophia, TAP Sr. Class of '24